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Gwen is back on track!

More than 320 seniors showed up at Garry Point Park in Richmond, BC, last Sunday for the second edition of the annual Forever Young 8K.

The first person to cross the finish line was 57-year-old Craig Premack at 34’49”. Gwen McFarlan (#3561), the 82-year-old world record holder in the marathon run featured in The Fit Generation, completed the 8K at 48’13”. The oldest participant in the race was Bina Henderson, with 87 years of age, who took 1h58’59” to cross the finish line.

The event was sponsored by the Forever Young Club, a group of runners and walkers over 55 years old that meet several times a week for runs and walks in Richmond and Vancouver.

The Forever Young Club is like a family for its members. In the group, Gwen and many others find strong support, motivation and friendships.

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