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Marcel & George skiing in Whistler

George Tjelios-Nicholas, 82, and Marcel Richoz, 73, are ski instructors at Whistler Blackcomb. Last Wednesday, they decided to take the day off and enjoy the sunny day doing what they do best in the winter: skiing.

Whistler-based videographer Chris Wheller and I were there to film that for The Fit Generation, a documentary that tells the stories of a few adorable active seniors who live in British Columbia.

At the end of the day, Marcel still had the energy to play his accordion while still on skis. Next weekend we're gonna be sure to have our camera on when he starts dancing at Merlin's Bar & Grill. We'll keep you guys posted!

Whistler Blackcomb has been making our lives easier by supporting our project and giving us access to people and places in order to capture some exciting scenes for the documentary. We're very thankful for that and we look forward to showing more about these amazing ski instructors that they have up in Whistler.

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