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Meet 82-year-old ski instructor George Tjelios-Nicholas

Last week, Chris Wheeler and I joined 82-year-old George and four ladies for a ski lesson at the base of Blackcomb in Whistler. The footage captured is part of the material that we've been gathering since last summer for The Fit Generation, a documentary about active seniors of British Columbia.

George Tjelios-Nicholas is one of the main characters of the documentary and, well, such a character! He used to smoke, has undergone several surgeries and still suffers from constant back pain - all good reasons to stay home and wait for time to pass.

Instead, George gives ski lessons four days a week in the winter. In the summer, you can find him on his bike or paddleboarding.

We're honoured to be able to learn more about this guy and we look forward to being able to share his story when The Fit Generation is ready this fall. Stay tuned!

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