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The Fit Generation at UBC

Elton Hubner and Michelle Lee were invited to talk yesterday at the University of British Columbia (UBC) about The Fit Generation.

After an introduction about Eyes Multimedia's current documentary production, they invited a special guest to talk to the students of Aging from an Interdisciplinary, a Perspective Interprofessional Health and Human Service (IHHS) course that covers issues associated with aging in our society.

Ava Stone is a 72-yoga instructor at the Port Moody Recreation Centre and she's being featured in The Fit Generation. She's a great example of wisdom, determination and health for people at all ages.

During her presentation, she not only brought the class to laugh, but also gave the young students precious insights on how to find our own identity, how to handle stress and how to make positive choices in our lives.

We thank the instructor Elizabeth Kelson, PhDPost-doctoral Research Fellow of the School of Nursing at UBC, and her amazing class for the opportunity to share this inspiring project with them.

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