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This award-wining documentary challenges our concepts of aging and it inspires people of all ages to live a healthy, active life as they age. On this journey, you will learn about the daily lives of incredible Canadians in their 70s and 80s who choose to stay fit.


They're facing cancer, arthritis, heart attacks, bone fractures, knee replacements, fatigue and the loss of loved ones, but they won't give up and stop having fun. On the contrary, they've taken leading roles in their communities and help other seniors stay fit every day. 

With an increasing number of grandfathers and grandmothers enrolled in gyms and community centres, the Canadian province of British Columbia is not only pushing its local population to stay fit, but is also attracting people like 82-year-old George, who moved from Montreal to Whistler because he wants to "keep active and feel normal."

In this documentary, you'll follow the daily lives of individuals like himself, who is busy all year long giving ski lessons at Whistler Blackcomb, biking, swimming, paddle boarding or kite surfing.

You'll meet his best friend Marcel as well, the 73-year-old “crazy dancer” who also teaches skiing in Whistler. In Richmond, you’ll get to know 81-year-old retired school teacher Gwen and cheer for her recovery from an ankle injury so she can continue to pursue her dream to become the ultimate world champion marathon record holder.


You’ll also have the chance to meet 72-year-old Ava, who teaches a popular yoga class in Port Moody, and Barrie, the 76-year-old fitness instructor from The Fit Fellas, a group only for older men in West Vancouver.


Finally, you’ll learn more about 79-year-old Larry, an eccentric retired engineer who built his own 3-storey house in Burnaby and who plays hockey with other men around his age.


The Fit Generation is a passion project created by Elton Hubner, the founder of Eyes Multimedia. It received awards from film festivals in England, France and the United States. The film is currently available all around the world for free on our YouTube channel.

The Fit Generation - Official Trailer 2020
Canadian Premiere Highlights
Whistler Premiere Highlights


Living in Burnaby, BC

'Larry' is an eccentric retired mechanic with a lot of stamina. At the age of 79 during the filming, he plays hockey around three times a week and never seems to stop working in his backyard.

Living in Richmond, BC

Gwen is a lovely retired teacher with several world records broken in marathon runs. At the age of 81 during the filming, she's usually hanging out with the Forever Young Running Group in Richmond or running half- and full marathons across North America.

Living in Whistler, BC

George is a retired entrepreneur and race car driver who now teaches ski full time in Whistler. At the age of 81 during the filming, he's either breaking female students' hearts in the winter or mountain biking, paddle boarding and kitesurfing around the world in the summer.

Living in Whistler, BC

Marcel is a ski instructor and a source of renewable energy himself. At the age of 73 during the filming, he can also be seen playing accordion at the base of the mountains or dancing with his ski boots on in one of the pubs in Whistler. 

Living in Coquitlam, BC

Ava is a yoga guru and the centre of attention at any event. At the age of 71 during the filming, she can be seen talking about the ego at the Port Moody Community Centre or driving her sports car in Vancouver.  

Living in West Vancouver, BC

Barrie is a fitness instructor and avid cinnamon bun eater. At the age of 76 during the filming, he's either working out with the Fit Fellas at the West Vancouver Community Centre or playing golf in Vancouver or California.



Producer | Director

Elton is the founder and Visual Creator of Eyes Multimedia - Photo and Video Production. He has a B.A. in Journalism and a M.A. in Media Studies. He took on this passion project in order to inspire people worldwide to live healthy, fulfilled lives.

Production Coordinator

Michelle is a Marketing Director in the healthcare industry and a volunteer for this project. She's conducted all interviews with the main stars and has been incredibly patient with her husband throughout the entire process of producing the film.


Chris is a skilled professional who produces incredible video content for Destination BC, Parks Canada, Telus and many others. He captured most of the epic shots of George and Marcel biking and skiing in Whistler.

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